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Thanks to Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia and Icynene Corporation for creating the high performance thermal envelope for the 2009 New Showcase Home. Year after year we have counted on Torrey and Icynene to demonstrate to the industry the benefits of creating high performance homes. Icynene is the best open cell option and the Torrey crew is focused and committed to creating a thorough, continuous, and impeccable thermal envelope in every home they insulate.

-Carl Seville, Seville Consulting

– Green Home Consultant

I fully believe that the insulation and air-sealing of a home is the most important and critical step in creating a Green and energy efficient home. I see no reason to invest in High Efficiency HVAC Systems or other energy saving options unless the home first has a superior thermal envelope. We count on Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia and Icynene to create our energy efficient, quiet, healthy, and air-tight thermal envelope. Icynene is the premium open cell foam on the market and Torrey applications are of the highest quality.

-Michael LaBelle, President, AFG Builder

– Builder

I definitely believe the type of insulation really make a difference. Icynene spray foam seals off the air flow. In Georgia, where I build, the summer heat through the attic is a huge issue. The ability to spray the roof decking and sealing out most of the heat really makes the difference for us. I am amazed at how cool my attics stay during the summer and how warm they are in the winter. Another bonus is that my HVAC equipment when located in the attic, does not have to fight the heat.

After trying Icynene years ago I was impressed with how it finds every nook and gap to fill the cavity without voids. My contractors even commented on how much more comfortable the house was during the heat of the summer with the Icynene in place even before we put any conditioned air in the home. Then, when my homeowners told me how delighted they were with their power bills and how quieter their new home was I was convinced it was a great choice.

Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia has been a great resource for us. They are there when we need them and they take great care to seal up any penetrations, sill plates, stud seams and anywhere else that may transfer air flow to the exterior.

-John Bynum

Bynum Custom Homes

2010 Southern Living Idea Builder

– Builder

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia as an Icynene Insulation System installer. As an architect and homeowner, it was very important that we get the best insulation I could for our Platinum LEED Home Renovation. Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia did a great job installing the insulation, plus they had a great price to do it. The installers were very courteous, friendly, and addressed all my questions quickly. Using Icynene helped to propel our home to the highest level of energy efficiency and healthy living. Thanks Carmen!

-Doug Glasgow, AIA, LEED AP

– Homeowner

If anyone needs a reference on the insulation Mr. Carmen Torrey sprayed in my home, I will be more than happy to provide one. My 4,200 square foot home is completely covered in the Icynene product. All the walls have Icynene sprayed in the exterior walls. The house is a craftsman meets industrial style with 30′ ceilings and exposed tongue and groove 2×6 ceiling with no attic. The reason for the description of the ceiling is that we did not have any space to put the Icynene in the ceiling due to the architectural appearance. Still, the home meets all the Star Energy criteria. I am currently looking at applying for LEED certification. 

As for the sound and energy consumption cost, I have 3 kids (15, 13, and 10). The ceilings in the basement are insulated as are the ceilings on the main level, the upstairs has the exposed 2×6 throughout. Virtually no conversation noise or theater sound penetrates each level. The energy cost amazed me. To date, no power bill has exceeded $187.00. This includes the most recent bill of $167.00 for December with three kids out of school, two parties, Christmas lights, etc. We use electricity for everything but cooking (gas) and hot water (Rennai instant hot water). The A/C is heat pump with an emergency electric heat. 

We are more than pleased with the Icynene sound, comfort and operating cost. As for Mr. Torrey, there is not a better contractor available. I have recommended Carmen Torrey to the US Corps of Engineers in Savannah (one of my best customers), and to a personal friend with a 5,300 square foot home in Charleston, SC (humidity issues, extreme heat, etc). Mr. Bo Nutting used Carmen over the local spray-in insulation (even with the cost of travel). Mr. Torrey has always been on time, on budget and left no evidence he was ever there. Feel free to visit for an actual installation of insulation without a sales guy around. 

 Thank you and good luck in your building.

-David K. Spruill

Systems Georgia Region- Johnson Controls Equipment

– Homeowner

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